Microsoft Word being one among the most broadly utilized Microsoft applications enables clients to compose and make, see, duplicate, glue, spare, alter, offer, and print content reports and so forth. Microsoft Word application runs the word-preparing market as it enables clients to enhance their content records by embeddings pictures and energized pictures, graphs, outlines, tables, figures, and shapes and so on.; and by utilizing content in various styles, textual styles, hues, and dialects and so forth in the meantime. Since its dispatch, Microsoft Word has enormously lessened clients’ weight of making various reports at once, replicating them to another word record, and running sentence structure and spell-check work and so forth. With the time, Microsoft Word (MS-Word) likewise advanced to new forms, for example, MS-Word 2003 and 2007. The following are a portion of the noteworthy components that recognize MS-Word 2007 and MS-Word 2007:


Microsoft-Word 2003 – It contains a few menu tabs and also instrument bars that incorporate loads of catches. These catches/components can be redone to give charge get to.

Microsoft-Word 2007 – It utilizes an easy to use interface known as ‘Lace’. It contains 7 menu tabs viz. ‘Home’, ‘Page Layout’, ‘References’, ‘Mailings’, ‘Survey’, and ‘View’. There is an eighth tab likewise called “Engineer” that is however killed by the default settings. Each Ribbon tab contains distinctive catches alongside drop down menus. Be that as it may, contrasted with MS-Word 2003, the Ribbon interface in MS-Word 2007 is not adjustable.

Record Format:

MS-Word 2003 – It utilizes DOC record organize for sparing content reports. Be that as it may, clients should download a similarity pack for opening DOCX documents.

MS-Word 2007 – It utilizes DOCX record organize, which is an open XML standard configuration. It is the broadly utilized record arrange for opening XML documents. The clients likewise have the decision of sparing their records/documents in DOC design.

Report Inspector:

MS-Word 2003 – It involves ‘Evacuate Hidden Data’ include, which is a device to expel record’s covered up or noticeable data including individual and so on. Notwithstanding, the include does not a client roll out improvements to archive’s properties.

MS-Word 2007 – It involves ‘Investigate Document’ order that is when executed gives a rundown of choices including forms, remarks, comments, record properties, modified XML information, individual data, or amendments among others. The Inspect Document include enables clients to erase previously mentioned alternatives according to their necessities.

Snappy Parts:

MS-Word 2003 – It includes “AutoText” work that empowers clients to characterize, alter, embed, and spare content.

MS-Word 2007 – It contains ‘Snappy Parts’ that enables clients to remain its content plain or include arranging or illustrations. The component will be accessible in “Embed” tab.

Brisk Access Toolbar:

Word 2003 – It involves no such element and a client needs to experience the whole menu tab to access its much of the time utilized summons, for example, spare, alter, or fix and so forth.

Word 2007 – It contains ‘Fast Access Toolbar’ that is intended to spare the charges utilized over and over excessively by a client while making a content report. Such orders or elements could be anything from fix, rehash, cut craftsmanship, or to spare and so forth. You can get moment access to such summons or elements by modifying your ‘Snappy Access Toolbar’. You just need to include/embed your much of the time utilized summons/elements to the toolbar by perfectly tapping on them and afterward tapping on ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’.

Mail Merge Wizard:

MS-Word 2003 – It contains ‘Mail Merge Wizard’ that allows a client to send customized messages. Notwithstanding, the wizard has difficult issues with Microsoft Excel connections. It implies you won’t have the capacity to import your information for messaging from Microsoft Excel archives.


MS-Word 2007 – It has an enhanced ‘Mail Merge Wizard’ that enables a client to sort and send customized messages to every one of the beneficiaries without requiring to experience the procedure of CC and BCC via the post office account. After you have written your mail to every one of the beneficiaries, the wizard would forward them to your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express outbox. At whatever point you go online in your Microsoft Outlook, your Outlook will naturally send all the customized messages to each of the locations. In this manner, the wizard superbly spares you from writing letter or archives to every last beneficiary with their individual data.

Microsoft Support Number is your everything whether companion for settling every one of the issues confronted by you in utilising Microsoft Office program.

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